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Up Side Down Marketing: 3 Ways of Janusian Thinking to More Effective Direct Mail

Sep 22

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In an up side down market economy where everyone is trying to save a buck -- how does your company reach the right prospect at the right time and get attention for their product or service without giving up the store?

It's easy...

In an up side down market economy where everyone is trying to save a buck -- how does your company reach the right prospect at the right time and get attention for your product or service without giving up the store?

It's easy -- but you'll have to do a little "Janusian" thinking. Janus was a 2 headed greek G-d who incorporates 2 opposite elements for the best solution.

Think of the great inventions of our time. The #2 pencil also has an eraser (it writes and erases). The hammer hammers nails and pulls out nails. The jacknife cuts and doesn't cut (when it is closed).

Targeted, direct marketing is the same way. But how do we incorporate 2 opposites to produce stellar results in our mailings?

Below are 3 Ways for you to develop direct mail that will make you a greek 2 headed G-d like Janus:

#1 As marketers, we usually want to reach the largest audience possible so we tend to go for bigger volumes and then try to reduce the cost of the mailing by going with cost-efficient formats.

Think Janusian: Do more targeted, limited mailings only to your best prospects (now more doable with advanced prospect criteria selection in choosing lists). Then spend more money on your mailers to get more attention. Using first class stamps, laser addressing and other "personal" touches will get your mailed opened -- the first step to improved response.

#2 Lots of people think that the latest is the greatest in direct mail printing. Fancy packages with all the bells and whistles is getting ever easier to print and mail now with new printing techologies. However, personalization is still King (and Queen) in producing direct mail results

Janusian thinking: Use new technology to make your mailer look old school. Go figure -- a #10 envelope that is highly personalized using a "handwritten" laser font and live stamp can give the impression that some real person has sent this important communication. Inside -- a personalized letter and contents can further the impression that I care about getting your business. Take the time to do it right and please take it personally.

#3 Do you still think coupons work? Coupons have become so overused and under redeemed, it's a wonder why most everyone still uses them as an offer device.

Janusian thinking: Give something that everyone values: MONEY. A personalized gift certificate or gift card can be difficult for your prospect NOT to use. If you can give the impression that your certificate or card can be treated like cash -- it's less likely to make it to the circular file (trash bin). Remember, cash is King (and Queen) in a down economy.

Next week -- I'll discuss major life-event marketing and how knowing your marketing "rights" will get you the results you need.





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