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The Magical Marketing Power of 3

Oct 21

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It took me a little while to figure out -- but 3 is the magical number in marketing and selling of a unique home in a down real estate market...

It took me a little while to figure out -- but 3 is the magical number in marketing and selling of a unique home in a down real estate market.

Usually 3 is associated with negative outcomes. 1) Two's company -- three's a crowd; 2) Third Place: Win, Place and 'Show' and 3) Don't light 3 matches (in the war trenches -- the third soldier would usually be in the line of fire because the enemy would see the first light, get ready to shoot on the second light and fire on the third).

In marketing (especially direct marketing) -- it usually takes 3 communications or "touches" to get through someone's attention (wall) barrier. When you are direct marketing -- the first two mailings will soften up your prospect -- the third mailing is more likely the one to effect a response. If you want to really make an impact, you need to think "campaign" in your mailings vs a solo shot.

I've now taken this concept and applied it to creatively marketing and selling our unique Victorian Italianate home in North Attleboro. However, all 3 marketing efforts have to be interconnected and should have some combination of being "online and offline". Here's the 3 plan:

1) BACK HOME TO THE FUTURE -- ModVic's Time Machine Adventure

Pictures speak a 1000 words. Moving pictures speak a 1000 words x 10. Home tour videos can be one of your best marketing and selling tools when you're trying to find the right person for your home that can live anywhere in the country or for that fact, the world. Virtual tours have their place (I've done that too), but they do not provide the human element or the lasting expression of a human story or history connected to your special property.

A home tour video with a realtor or owner walking through the property is the next best step up than a virtual tour -- but we wanted to go one better -- to come up with a creative storyline to entertain along with presenting our unique Victorian Italianate home in its best light. The story of 'Back Home to the Future' was born and came to life with the help of some friends and family.

Here is the storyline:

An original 1877 Victorian Homeowner travels forward in time to see his restored home modernized in 2008. In the home’s restoration, Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum, owners of ModVic (Modern Victorian Home Restoration) find the plans to build a time machine in one of the home’s walls – put there by the original owner, Benjamin Stanley Freeman – a wealthy jewelry manufacturer who did his own Italianate transformation in 1877. Mr Freeman wanted to see what his home would look like 100+ years after his “remodeling” – so Bruce and Melanie build the time machine and bring Mr. Freeman forward in time to view his own home at 390 Mount Hope Street in North Attleboro MA – 131 years into his future.

The unique home tour video helps to give people a real sense of what the home is like and the history of its owners -- but how do you get people to watch it? In the digital age, the best bet now is It's free and you can start off with telling your family and friends to watch your video and build up your "views" to induce a viral marketing campaign. We already have over 450 views and we're hoping at some point the right viewer will end up being the right buyer.

2) Win a Time Machine and Get a FREE Victorian Home Italianate Home!

I don't expect someone to come to Ebay looking to purchase a Time Machine, spend $1.3MM to win the item and move into their new Victorian home shortly afterwoods. The idea is to get attention and get people talking about the creative approach in selling a unique home. Again, trying to get viral in your marketing efforts. We've also listed our website and the YouTube link to our home tour video so the marketing "touches" are connected and helping to feed off one another.

3) First Time Ever -- 5 Historic 'Homes for Sale" OPEN HOUSE Tour on the South Shore of Massachusetts

It helps if you can make the sale of your home an "event" that gets people excited to attend and enjoy. Some realtors have had themed Open Houses that combine specific homes in a development, neighborhood or area that prospective buyers can save time by viewing the homes right after one another.

As far as I know -- no one has offered a Historic 'Homes for Sale' OPEN HOUSE Tour and used an "antique treasure hunt" theme to get people from one historic house to the next. All the antique homes on our tour are at least 100 years old and have been fully restored and modernized. Our Historic OPEN HOUSE Tour will start in Easton MA at a grand Victorian Italianate mansion and estate, then to Sharon, Foxboro, Mansfield and ending up at our Victorian Italianate home in North Attleboro. The person who is able to get all the answers correct from the clues left in the homes -- will get a $50 AMEX Gift Card.

The OPEN HOUSE tours will be held on Saturday, November 15, 2008 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and Sunday, November 16, 2008 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. In the marketing of the Historic OPEN HOUSE tours (newspapers, brochures, website) we also will mention our home tour video on You can also email me at to learn more.

There it is -- the magical power of 3 in finding the right person to buy our unique Victorian Italianate home. Please spread the good word 'virus' and hopefully the marketing magic will be performing at a theatre close to you.



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